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So it seems I have a musing space now. Most people refer to them as “blogs”, but I don’t quite grasp what that word means exactly. I have a feeling it’s a kind of hybrid word combining log with some unknown word beginning with B, in the same way that vlog is a hybrid of video log. Business log? Book log? I’m afraid I’m at a loss.

Anyway, that’s beside the point.

The point is, I have a musing space now. I wasn’t expecting to write something right away, at least not until my writin’ muscles were pumped up with an inappropriate level of caffeine. Instead, I wanted to sit here and mindlessly build the site up nice and pretty with their default templates, but WordPress is currently telling me this:

“Let’s create the first post on your blog. Not feeling inspired yet? Try posting a photo instead.”

…which sounds more like a command than a suggestion.

So what’s the accepted norm for a first post? It seems indecent to jump right in and start talking about my day – we haven’t been properly introduced! My name is Micah, which may or may not be my true name, and my age falls somewhere in the younger adult range, though not so young that you’d find me in the YA section of your local library. I live in the USA somewhere between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans (I totally misspelled ‘live’ as ‘love’ at first – I do also love in the USA) but my exact location in the country is changing in less than a year so the state I live in is a non-factor at the moment. I could be male, or female, or both, or neither. I may not even be human, I might be a demon sitting cozy in hell and typing this up on a Satanmaster 5000 for all you know.

I’m a writer by trade but not by profession. As you can tell, I’m not very good at it. The thing is, I used to be good! Not quite amazing, but my stories and poems didn’t make people vomit wildly all over my living room, which is a big plus for me. Sadly, I stopped writing years ago. My story notebooks sit gathering dust in a plastic bin in the closet. Sometimes a few of them sneak out at night and burrow into my dream bubbles, but most of the time they sit there forgotten, whimpering about their unfinished plot lines.

One of these books is my half-written novel from 2007, which is how this whole musing space idea started. Five years ago, I was happy, I was writing, yippee. My first novel. I had discovered NaNoWriMo and decided it was time to stop writing short stories and go all out. Buuuut, I pushed myself a little too hard, and wound up having some serious health issues due to all the sleep deprivation and caffeination I was putting myself through. I spent a week feeling like shit and wound up in the hospital at some point. You know, seizures. Word. That was when my writing stopped. The seizures were scary and I didn’t want to go through that again, so my novel went into the closet as something that was just too stressful for poor ol’ epileptic me.

NaNoWriMo would come every year after that, and every year I’d get this little voice in my head wanting me to finish the book. For the past four NaNos, I never gave in to the voice, but this year it’s really wedged itself into the creative half of my brain. Even now, I can hear it in there trying to convince my underemployed creative half to mutiny against me in protest, so I think it’s time to give them some gainful employment.

The problem is this. My mind has been so stagnant these past few years that I can’t remember how to write! The words no longer flow directly from my brain into the mouths of my characters like they used to. Writing is definitely not like riding a bicycle – you will forget if you don’t practice. And that is exactly what this musing space is for! Expect randomness. Ta.

(I looked up the word blog after typing this entry up, apparently it’s short for web log. How lame.)


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